D.C. Restaurant Thought This 'Pill Cosby' Cocktail Was A Good Idea

Can we not?

UPDATE May 23 ― Diet Starts Monday sent an apology to HuffPost Women on Monday night, saying that the “Pill Cosby” was a one-time item, and that the decision to feature it on the menu “was in poor taste.” They also said that they did not mean to make light of the rape and sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby.

This drink was a one-time item – its inclusion as an offering of ours was in poor taste and we’ve taken all necessary steps to ensure it won’t happen again. We take full responsibility and apologize to anyone we offended. The allegations against Mister Cosby are serious and we in no way intended to make light of the pain surrounding his behavior. We rely on our community to help us guide everything we do. We appreciate all the feedback. This was a mistake, it will not be made again. We are sorry.

We’ve begun the process of reaching out to leaders in our community to teach us how to be better, and we value everyone’s thoughts.

Again, we are sorry for any pain this has caused and we’re working to do better.

UPDATE 4:50 p.m. ― Diet Starts Monday has since tweeted an apology and removed the Pill Cosby from its menu. They “apologize to anyone who felt offended.” 

PREVIOUSLY ― A newly opened pop-up restaurant, bar, and retail store in Washington D.C. has named one of its cocktails the “Pill Cosby” ― and even features floating capsules as a garnish.

The restaurant, Diet Starts Monday, is operated by longtime friends Davin Gentry and John Geiger, who also founded a clothing brand of the same name. 

John Geiger, one of the restaurant co-owners, had tweeted a picture of the cocktail but deleted the tweet on Monday.&nbs
John Geiger, one of the restaurant co-owners, had tweeted a picture of the cocktail but deleted the tweet on Monday. 

Gentry told the Washingtonian that the cocktail is meant to raise awareness of date rape. “It lets people be a little more aware,” he said.  

Cosby joins other black influencers with ties to D.C. on the list of namesake cocktails ― Taraji P. Henson, Dave Chappelle, Marvin Gaye, and Marion Barry (the former D.C. mayor who has his own set of legal and ethical issues) also have their own drinks ― but, of course, don’t have more than several dozen allegations of rape and sexual assault piled up against them. 



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