DC Senate Dems and Joe Lieberman

So let me get this straight, Joe Lieberman ignores the will of Democratic primary voters, hires a Republican pollster, accepts campaign assistance from the former Bush Administration Iraq spokesman, refuses to help down-ballot Democrats in Connecticut and for this he is greeted by his Democratic colleagues as a hero??

What the hell is wrong with the Washington, DC Democratic Party?

Democrats applauded, a Republican colleague gave him a hug - Sen. Joe Lieberman still has plenty of friends in Congress.

Weeks after Lieberman lost the Democratic primary - and defied his party with an independent bid - the three-term Connecticut senator was greeted warmly Wednesday as he attended the party's weekly luncheon and participated in Senate business.

Democrats gave Lieberman an ovation as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., introduced him at the lunch and welcomed him back. Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine shared a hug with Lieberman on the Senate floor.

"My colleagues were as warm and collegial as you would expect them to be," Lieberman said of his reception on Capitol Hill.