DCCC Fighting For Dems Who Sided With House Republicans On Obamacare

Early Sunday morning, the House made its latest effort to pass a continuing resolution that hits Obamacare with a one-year delay. Standing on the yea side of that vote were two Democrats who have consistently gone across Obamacare party lines: Reps. Jim Matheson (D-Utah) and Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.).

Beyond their disposition against the health care law, Matheson and McIntyre are two of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's (DCCC) Frontline program members. Back in March, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel announced the 26 names for the 2013-14 program -- a partnership between the group and its members designed to support and expand fundraising operations.

"We call this program Frontline for a reason – these Members are on the vanguard of protecting and expanding the middle class,” Israel said. “While the 2014 campaign will be dominated by a strong offense taking on the Tea Party Republican Congress, our success begins with our Members.

Last week, DownWithTyranny! pointed out that immediately after the passage of the House's Sept. 20 continuing resolution, the DCCC blasted out a fundraising email. Part of it read "DEADLINE MIDNIGHT: Give $3 or more right now to fight back against Republican legislative arsonists." The two congressmen that were both a) part of that yes vote and b) part of the DCCC donation stream were Matheson and McIntyre.

Both Democrats were less than 1,000 votes away from holding onto their seats in 2012. Now in his seventh term, Matheson narrowly held off GOP challenger Mia Love, winning by 768 votes. McIntyre faced a similar scare, edging out GOP rival David Rouser by 654 votes.



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