Bill De Blasio Just Challenged Obama To A Basketball Game

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio may have a friend in the president, but bring up a game of basketball and the trash talk begins.

Such a challenge was just proposed by New Yorker Alvin Javier, who while on the subway Tuesday noticed none other than his mayor riding along with him.

Javier used the fortuitous run-in to ask de Blasio about a possible basketball match with Barack Obama. De Blasio was down with the challenge, calling it a "great idea" even though he's reportedly not that great at the game.

"I think he can beat Obama," Javier said in video uploaded to Instagram. "This is his official challenge. Obama, my mayor is going to play you one-on-one at ball. Do you accept?"

"He has more basketball skills and practices a lot more, but I have height," de Blasio added, staring into the camera.

Mr. President, the ball's in your court!



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