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Deaaron Hearn Drunkenly Confused $20 Bill For Cell Phone: Cops

Cell phones may be getting slimmer, but you'd have to be really drunk to confuse one with a $20 bill.

Police in Iowa City, Iowa, say Deaaron M. Hearn was that drunk.

Hearn, 22, was allegedly found passed out on a bench early Saturday morning. According to police, he smelled strongly of alcohol, and had watery, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and poor balance, reported.

Hearn responded to the police inqury by first offering the cops some cash.

The cops then gave him a chance to call a friend to pick him up. He responded by putting a $20 bill to his ear and attempting to talk into it, Dumb As A Blog reported.

Officers gave Hearn a preliminary breathalyzer test and took him into custody after it registered .178, according to

Hearn isn't the only alleged drunk guy from Iowa City who've stumbled their way into the weird news section recently.

Last month, Samantha Lynn Goudie -- Twitter alias @Vodka_Samm -- earned a dubious form of fame after getting arrested for trying to storm the field at a University of Iowa football game. Preliminary test administered by police showed she had a .341 BAC.

There's no word on whether Goudie, 22, knows Hearn, or if she was the person he was trying to phone with his $20 bill.

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