High School Student Accidentally Eats Dead Ants On Potato Chips, Almost Loses Lunch

"I thought it was seasoning!"

A high school student in Beaverton, Oregon, was really bugged by her lunch on Tuesday.

She said what looked like pepper on her potato chips was actually a bunch of dead ants.

Emily Wagoner went to her local Pita Pit and purchased, among other things, a bag of Miss Vickie’s salt-and-vinegar-flavored chips.

Wagoner said she ate a few chips before she took a close look and almost lost her lunch. She noticed there were ants all over the chips.

“I thought it was seasoning,” she wrote in a tweet.

When Wagoner complained to the Pita Pit manager, she was offered a new bag of chips for her trouble, but not a refund for her $14 meal, nor an apology.

Wagoner wasn’t happy and vowed never to eat at Pita Pit ever again, according to

After a tweet of the bug-infested chips went viral, Wagoner heard back from Pita Pit headquarters.

The company sent Wagoner a text saying they were looking into the issue with the location and with Frito-Lay, the company that makes the Miss Vickie’s brand.

The company also offered Wagoner a $50 gift certificate, but she turned it down because she didn’t like how she had been treated before, according to

Patrick O’Dell, Pita Pit’s marketing director, said in a statement:

“Pita Pit is investigating what led to this isolated incident. Through our communication with the customer it became clear that the initial response to her did not meet our expectations of customer service. We hold our food to the highest quality standards, including pre-packaged items like chips from third-party vendors we partner with, and the health and safety of our guests remains Pita Pit’s highest priority.”

Tyler Litchenberger, Frito-Lay communications director, released this statement:

“The quality of our snacks is our top priority. We are currently working closely with Pita Pit to investigate this situation.” contributed to this story.

This story has been updated to include statements from Pita Pit and Frito-Lay.

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