Dead Infants Found In U-Haul Storage Locker In Canada [UPDATE]

Police in Winnipeg, Canada say that the bodies of several infants were found in a U-Haul storage locker on Monday night.

CBC News first reported the "gruesome scene," where six bodies were discovered in various states of decomposition. An employee at the facility originally called police after the remains caught his or her attention. It wasn't immediately clear how long the bodies had been in the locker, but police told reporters that a woman who was renting the locker has been interviewed.

UPDATE: The Canadian Press reports that Andrea Giesbrecht, 40, was arrested and charged with concealing the bodies. Police say the babies may have been newborns. There are no homicide charges planned at the moment.

Winnipeg police said at a press conference that the incident is "suspicious," but it wasn't immediately clear if there was foul play involved. That said, it's illegal to store human remains without authorization, police spokesman Const. Eric Hofley said.

"Obviously, you're not allowed to store or conceal human remains. That in itself would be a charge," he said. "Until the autopsies have determined what is the cause of this, we won't know what the full extent of the charges may or may not be."

The Winnipeg Free Press reached out to U-Haul:

"U-Haul team members made a disturbing discovery when taking inventory of a delinquent storage locker on Monday. They immediately contacted law enforcement who believed the locker contained human remains," said Razmin Mansoub, marketing company president for U-Haul Company of Central Canada.

"U-Haul is deeply shocked and saddened by this discovery."

The babies' ages and causes of death weren't released pending autopsies. Police wouldn't release any more details citing an ongoing investigation.