Dead Baby Girl Found In Backyard By California Couple Returning From Vacation (VIDEO)

A couple in Folsom, Calif. came home from vacation and found a dead baby in their backyard.

The shocking discovery happened Sunday afternoon when the couple, whose names have not been released by police, found the lifeless girl, , according to KXTV-TV.

Sgt. Chris Emery would not say whether the baby was found clothed or wrapped or reveal the child's race.

The baby did not have any visible signs of trauma on its body, according to WCSH-TV.

Medical examiners performed an autopsy yesterday, but a spokeswoman for the Sacramento County Coroner office told the station that definitive answers could take weeks

Neighbors told the station that a teenage girl, around 17 or 18, lives in the home where the baby was found in the backyard, but detectives have not acknowledged her, nor said if she has anything to do with this baby's death.

Although the death is suspicious because of the location where the infant's body was found, Emery told the Sacramento Bee that, without a cause of death, police do not know yet whether a crime has been committed.

"The autopsy will probably point us in a direction there, and then we move forward," Emery told the paper.



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