Kurt Cobain, Tupac, Marilyn Monroe And Other Dead Stars Are Still Alive In Dutch Beer Ad

Conspiracy theories about dead celebrities not really being dead have become the norm. Now we have a Dutch brewing company postulating that a handful of dearly departed icons are, in fact, very much alive and lounging in a tropical paradise.

That includes the likes of Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, Bruce Lee, Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon, all of whom are enjoying their time far removed from the realities of fame, according to Bavaria, which is promoting its new, fruit-flavored beer. What do these famous faces do on said island? Monroe rubs suntan lotion on Tupac's belly, the King lounges on an inflatable raft, and Cobain gags when Monroe's skirt repeats the famous "Seven Year Itch" gambit. Then a ship approaches, and PANIC! The stars hide their tropical setup and take shelter, except Presley's portly belly gives them away.

See this wild ad for yourself. Whatever questions arise in your mind are probably legit, like: Why have some of them aged (Lennon, Monroe) while others don't look a day older than when we last saw them (Cobain, Tupac)? Or: Who wants fruit-flavored beer? (No, but really. Who wants it?)



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