Dead Kennedys & The Art Of Punk: MOCAtv Series Spotlights San Francisco Hardcore Band (VIDEO)

MOCAtv's YouTube homage to all things punk music continues with a third episode devoted entirely to the San Francisco hardcore band, Dead Kennedys.

The group quickly became underground icons after forming in 1978, combining garage rock, surf music, and a touch of rockabilly with biting critiques of capitalism and the Reagan era. In the most recent installation of "The Art of Punk," MOCA explores not only the music and lyrics of frontman Jello Biafra and crew, but also the well-known Dead Kennedys logo -- the simple, red-and-black "DK" design created by longtime collaborator Winston Smith.

"Anybody could make [punk art] if you had a demented enough brain," Biafra states in the video. "All it took was scissors and a razor blade and some glue."

MOCAtv managed to interview Biafra, Smith and a number of other DK disciples, who reminisce about the period when "punk music was rearing its ugly head," as Smith says in the video. Watch the clip above and let us know your thoughts on punk history in the comments.

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The Art Of Punk