Idiot Straps Dead Shark To Front Of Car

Catching sharks like this is legal in Australia -- but keeping them sure isn't.

Why did the shark cross the road? Because some idiot strapped it to the front of a car.

Julie Wright had to do a double take when she saw the above car driving in a suburb known as Safety Bay in Western Australia, according to local news station 9 News. Then she and her son filmed it. 

Wright posted the footage to the Perth & WA Fishing Reports Facebook group on Sunday with the caption, "Just saw this in Safety Bay!! Had to look twice!! 😂😂"

Josh O'Neil, the manager of the Perth & WA Fishing Reports group, told PerthNow that the dead animal appears to be a tiger shark, and The Guardian estimated it was about six and a half feet long

In Australia, most sharks, including tiger sharks, can be legally caught by commercial or recreational fishermen; only a handful of endangered or vulnerable species are off limits.

But fishermen are only allowed to keep sharks, including tiger sharks, that are 700 millimeters long, or about 2.3 feet

While local news stations have already notified Western Australia's Department of Fisheries about the video, the person driving the vehicle has yet to be identified.

Whoever that person may be, we'll just go ahead and add them to the list of reasons why humans are the worst.


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