Dead Shark Washes Up In Alabama Woman's Front Yard

This fish out of water was just a few months old.

Whitney Constantine lives between two rivers near Mobile Bay in Alabama, so she's used to occasional flooding after heavy rain.

But after Monday's downpour in the Gulf Coast swept water through her home and flooded her driveway, a three-foot dead shark ended up on her lawn.

"We just thought it was crazy," Constantine told The Huffington Post. "We thought it was a mullet (a type of fish) in the yard, which is much more understandable because they jump a good bit in the bay."

Marcus Drymon, a researcher at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, identified the carcass as a young bull shark, less than a year old, according to FOX 10 News. He guessed that the shark swam into Constantine's yard during the flooding and was unable to swim back after the water receded. 

"Its mother probably went somewhere around the entrance to Mobile Bay and had that pup sometime in April or May of this year," Drymon told the news station. He pointed out that a lot of bull sharks live in Mobile Bay and Dog River, near Constantine's house.

According to the National Geographic, the bull shark is one of the few species of shark that can live in freshwater because of their special ability to retain and recycle salt internally.

Constantine checked with Drymon's research lab to see if she could donate the dead shark to the lab, but they wouldn't take it.

Instead, Constantine buried the shark in her yard.

R.I.P. baby bull shark.

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