The Deadliest TV Shows: 'Game Of Thrones,' 'Fringe,' 'True Blood' And More

What Are The Deadliest Shows On TV?

There is no shortage of blood, guts and bodies on TV these days, but the show featuring the most deaths is ... "Spartacus: Vengeance," a new report reveals. has released the first-ever death toll study and the Starz series, which brought in around 1.5 million viewers per episode, came in as the clear winner with an average of 25 deaths per episode. HBO's "Game Of Thrones" came in second, clocking in a whopping 14 dead bodies per episode. (Thanks, King Joffrey.)

According to the study's findings, viewers may not be tuning in solely for the high death tolls, but they're certainly not deterrents. “We did not find a direct correlation between the body count and viewership, but these programs are definitely popular with the viewing audience,” Funeralwise's managing partner Rick Paskin said in a statement.

CBS was given the title of "deadliest network" for having the most shows on the list, including "NCIS: Los Angeles," which averaged six dead bodies per episode.

For the full study, click over to and check out the top 19 deadliest shows below.

19. "True Blood" (HBO)

The Deadliest Shows On TV

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