"Deadly Honeymoon": Speculation On A True Case

In 2005 there was an actual incident in which a couple was honeymooning on a cruise ship. During the course of the cruise the husband disappeared and the cause of his disappearance was never solved. Lifetime Movie Network's original but fictional film "Deadly Honeymoon" gives a speculative answer as to what might have occurred.

The film starts with the Hawaiian wedding of Trevor (Chris Carmack) and Lindsey (Summer Glau) Forrest. He is a playboy from a fairly wealthy family, and she is the girl who scored the big prize. After their marriage they embark on a cruise. On the cruise several events occur, mostly concerning Trevor's propensity to over gamble and over drink.

After a night of gambling and drinking the couple disappears. Lindsey is found in a hallway of the ship. She seems confused and states she can not remember how she got there. Trevor can not be found. A check of their room shows a broken bottle, some blood around the room, and finally a bloody handprint on the railing outside their stateroom.

There is a vacationing FBI agent on board. Her name is Gwen Merced (Zoe McLellan) and she begins to investigate the groom's disappearance. She is assisted by a security officer on the ship named Sherrick (Erik Palladino). Together they manage to put a few of the missing pieces together.

There is a resolution to this story but again it is only a speculation as to what occurred. This film does not claim to be based in truth nor are any of its facts attributed to real life events or characters.

The story as pieced together is believable. This is due to the mysterious performance of Glau as Lindsey. She is center stage throughout the film and is the one who holds the audience's interest. Carmack on the other hand never gives us much of a view of Trevor at all. Of course he is only seen in bits and pieces of scenes so a full characterization was probably impossible.

What will draw people to this movie is its close resemblance to the actual case that involved the disappearance of George Smith. He disappeared while on his honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean. His wife Jennifer could offer no explanation of how he disappeared and she was never charged with a crime.

The makers of "Deadly Honeymoon" took these facts and used them as a frame for the movie that is now being offered. Whether or not it is actually close to the truth will never be known.

'Deadly Honeymoon" premieres on the Lifetime Movie Network on Sunday, April 25 at 8PM EST and 5PM PT.

Jackie K. Cooper