The ‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Features All Kinds Of Random And Delicious Easter Eggs

References galore, guys.

There are a ton of Easter eggs in the new “Deadpool 2” teaser, and they’re as sweet as Cherry Garcia ice cream.

An Easter egg is a reference hidden in a movie, TV show or any other kind of media that is intended for viewers with sharp eyes and/or a vast amount of knowledge about pop culture (**COUGH nerds COUGH**). And being that the first “Deadpool” movie was brimming with references that spanned from Salt-N-Pepa to Bea Arthur, it’s no surprise that our first peek at its sequel is jam-packed with them, as well.

Vulture, New York Magazine’s entertainment website, has taken it upon themselves to point out and explain all of Easter eggs in the “Deadpool 2” teaser in the video above. And no, none of them involve Ryan Reynold’s bare butt.

That’s just there to entertain the masses.

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