'Deadpool 2' Brings In Thanos Himself, Josh Brolin, As Cable

Maximum effort!

The “Deadpool” sequel just went maximum effort in a casting announcement that may change the world.

OK, that’s a little much, but really nothing makes sense anymore.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool’s “X-Force” collaborator Cable will be played by none other than Josh Brolin.

Writer Rhett Reese confirmed the news on Twitter: 

We’ve known Cable, the adult son of Cyclops, was coming for a while. It was teased in the “Deadpool” post-credit scene, and Reese and co-writer Paul Wernick previously told The Huffington Post he would be included. 

But Brolin also plays Thanos, the main antagonist in the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” movies. That means he’s starring as a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now a good guy in another superhero franchise. And, of course, Deadpool and the Avengers are both from Marvel Comics in the first place. 

But whatevs. Life is crazy.

Other actors were rumored to be up for the role, including Russell Crowe, Brad Pitt and Pierce Brosnan. In the end, you can’t mess with Thanos.

As Limp Bizkit might say in a time like this, “Deadpool” 2 will “keep Brolin, Brolin, Brolin, Brolin.”




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