11 Secrets You Didn't Know About 'Deadpool,' Even If You're Ryan Reynolds

OK ... maybe Ryan Reynolds knows these.

Deadpool is completely self-aware, so the dude knows his movie is awesome. We don't have to reassure him. And now that the film earned $12.7 million on Thursday night, which The Hollywood Reporter reports is the biggest preview number ever for an R-rated film, it looks like we don't have to tell you either.

That being said, The Huffington Post recently chatted with "Deadpool" writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese ("Zombieland") about some of the movie's secrets, and here are some of the things even the Merc with a Mouth probably isn't aware of:

1. They did want Wolverine in the film.

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"Deadpool" features a number of Wolverine/Hugh Jackman references, so we asked if they ever had thoughts of actually getting a cameo.

"Yeah, I mean we’re always dreaming big, but the way it turned out we couldn’t have been happier," says Wernick. "Hugh’s seen the movie and loved the movie we’ve heard. Obviously, he and Ryan are very close friends, and who knows what happens in the future? We would love to bring Hugh and Wolverine into 'Deadpool's' universe, at least for a brief moment. That would be a dream come true."

He adds, "They were together in 'X Men Origins: Wolverine.' Not exactly as anyone had hoped [laugh], but we at some point may be able to fix that."

2. Deadpool could have a boyfriend in future movies. 

Ryan Reynolds is all for honoring Deadpool's pansexual comic-book background, and the writers say they're "open to everything" for the character.

So will Deadpool have a boyfriend?

"Only time will tell. I think the most important thing is we did try with this movie to honor Deadpool's pansexual nature in the comics. I think you only see hints of it in this first movie, but who knows what the future will hold? I just think we have to be open to everything and to honor the history of the character," says Reese.


3. No, Deadpool didn't leave the stove on.

During a big action sequence, Deadpool pauses and wonders if he left the stove on, but the question is never actually answered, so Reese set the record straight.

"No, because Blind Al [Deadpool's roommate] has the powers of perception that if he left it on, she would’ve felt the rise in heat in the apartment, so no," he says.

4. Deadpool kills an evil doctor in a deleted scene.

The Deadpool DVD isn't just going to be full of all the improvised lines that got cut. Reese tells us there's a "a big sequence of the movie" where Deadpool goes to Mexico to visit a cancer clinic and ends up killing the evil doctor who works there.

"That, we actually shot and didn't make the film, so you'll probably see that in the deleted scenes," says Reese.

5. There's a reason Deadpool keeps forgetting his guns.

As a creative solution for budget constraints, Reese tells us they just made Deadpool forget his guns.

"There was a massive gunfight in Act 3 that we didn't have the money for, so we invented the idea that Deadpool forgot his guns in order to address that," says Reese. 

6. Iconic characters also had to be cut or melded into one.

Reese tells us many characters had to be combined based on the budget.

"There were three villains, Sluggo, Garrison Kane and Wire, who were melded into Angel Dust (Gina Carano), and then we had a bartender at Sister Margaret's Bar named Patch who was melded into Weasel (T.J. Miller). So I think we had to consolidate more than anything," says Reese.

7. Liam Neeson is a terrible parent in "Taken."

During a sobering moment in the movie, Reynolds brings up how, after three "Taken" movies, you just have to wonder if Liam Neeson's character is a terrible parent. Well ... he is.

"I mean the worst, right?" says Wernick, "Isn't he the worst parent? He was definitely. You know, I don't even let my kids play with toy guns, and this guy is wielding machine guns around his children, so I would say he's definitely not parent of the year."

8. If Deadpool saw Professor X, he would actually see both James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart. 

One of the most meta moments has Deadpool wondering if it'll be James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart when he sees Professor X. (Both actors play the character in the "X-Men" movies.) But if Wernick had his way, it'd be the pair of them together.

"My God, I mean, I love them both. Can we get them both? Can we have it be a dream sequence where they’re both in?" says Wernick.


9. If an avocado had sex with an older avocado, it wouldn't look like Deadpool.

In the best line from the trailer, T.J. Miller describes Deadpool's scarred face as the result of two avocados having sex. But that somehow doesn't seem very accurate. So what would it really look like?

"Like ... guacamole," laughs Reese.


10. Ryan Reynolds' "X-Men" joke was totally true.

Deadpool jokes in the movie that he only sees two X-Men because the studio couldn't afford more. Wernick laughs, "That’s actually true, so, yes, we always had to keep budget in mind."

11. But more "X-Men" are on the way in the sequel.

Though the writers say the stories about "Deadpool 2" being greenlit are "unconfirmed" as of now, they admit you could probably expect Deadpool's "X-Force" collaborator Cable to be included. Plus, "at least one more [X-Men character] pops up along the way," according to Reese.

"Deadpool" is in theaters now.

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