Deadpool Slams 'SNL' With Perfect Kanye West Impression

So much for that petition.

This is the greatest response to a petition of all time.

The Internet has been pushing for the character Deadpool to host "SNL," but Ryan Reynolds just shut that down in the best way possible. In response to a petition (with around 70,000 signatures) to have the Merc with a Mouth helm the show, Reynolds revealed that Deadpool was apparently going to host the show in the 1990s. The actor released a video with a Kanye West-level meltdown to explain why he didn't. And he's straight up heartless.

Instead of calling out Taylor Swift like Kanye, Reynolds/Deadpool just goes off on "SNL," saying that the show stole his "Life of Pablo" album. He adds that he's "50 percent more influential than M.C. Hammer" and "60 percent more influential than the iPhone 5."

It's hard to argue with numbers like that.

Even though Kanye went on his tirade, he still did the show, so there's hope that we could see everyone's favorite antihero hosting eventually. You know, as long as "SNL" doesn't try to play like old iPhones have anything on Deadpool ... because they don't.

You can run and FaceTime that.

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