Deaf Children Sign To White Stripes Song (VIDEO)


The White Stripes may have disbanded last February, but their music is still making an impact.

The band's early-2000s ballad "We're Going To Be Friends" was recently used in a music video by D-PAN (Deaf Professional Artists Network).

The organization is an Oakland County, Mich.-based nonprofit dedicated to developing arts and entertainment programs for the deaf and hearing impaired. D-Pan is working to give deaf students the opportunity to enjoy music.

It accomplishes just that with this music video, which features 12 deaf students from across Michigan signing the lyrics to the song in American Sign Language -- a production that took a month of working with the performers to produce, the Flint Journalreports.

Sean Forbes, the 29-year-old founder of D-PAN, told the Flint Journal he uses vibrations from power bass amps to physically feel the music as it plays.

The music video even got a stamp of approval from the White Stripes itself, who took to their website for the first time since February to promote the recording.

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