This Mascot's Sweet Surprise For A Deaf Fan At The Ballpark Was A Grand Slam Of Awesomeness

One little baseball fan just got a wonderful surprise from his favorite mascot.

Hunter Samworth, 7, is deaf and a huge fan of Heater, the mascot for the Dayton Dragons, a minor league baseball team in Ohio, Fox 45 reported. Hunter was excited to meet the mascot in person when he and his parents, Cheri and Matt Samworth, attended a game last weekend.

What Hunter wasn't expecting was that Heater, a friendly green dragon, would be able to communicate with him in sign language. Matt Samworth caught the beautiful moment on film as Hunter was surprised to find that Heater the dragon knows ASL.

According to Samworth, the two exchanged names and talked about the big game.

"You can see on the video, his smile is like, 'He gets me, he speaks my language, he understands me.' Just a completely different experience for Hunter," his mother, Cheri, told Fox 45.

Having someone take the time to communicate with you in your language is a priceless gift. Take 5-year-old Claire Koch, who surprised her deaf parents at her school's holiday concert by performing all the songs in sign language, so that they could fully appreciate the show.



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