Deaf Puppy Rescued After Spending 30 Hours In 50-Foot Hole

Seven-week-old Toffee fell into a fissure in a backyard in Huntsville, Alabama.

A deaf puppy has been rescued after falling into a 50-foot crevice in an Alabama yard.

According to AL.com, rescuers worked for 30 hours to free the 7-week-old Australian shepherd mix named Toffee after she fell into the narrow crevice in her Huntsville backyard. Karen Smith, who is fostering the puppy and her three littermates, said the fissure appeared after recent rainstorms. 

“We let them play and walk around like normal and I was standing on this ledge, when she came running toward me. All of a sudden, it was like ‘Where’d she go?’” Smith told AL.com. “I looked in this crack in the ground and could see her walking around at the bottom when I shined a flashlight on her.”

As the rescue operation got underway, Twitter soon filled with good wishes for Toffee as well as suggestions for rescue techniques:

After 30 hours in the hole, Toffee was lured into a snare with sardines and pulled to safety.

By Saturday, life was returning to a semblance of normality for the puppy ― if you don’t count Toffee’s in-studio appearance on Sunday morning: