Store: 8 Deals On Notebooks That Will Make You More Productive

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From organization apps and noise-canceling headphones to vitamins designed to help you focus, there are all kinds of things out there that promise to boost your productivity. But even with modern innovations and creative solutions, nothing beats putting pen to paper. It sometimes really is the simplest solution that ends up being the best.

Since we could all stand to up our organization and productivity game, here are eight unique notebooks that will help you do just that. Not only are they all on sale, but you can score an extra 15% off for Memorial Day by using the code WEEKEND15 at checkout.

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The Mindful Notebook is designed to help you restore balance in your life. By practicing daily gratitude and starting each day intentionally, you can then focus on checking off your to-do list.

It normally retails for $30, but it’s on sale for just $17.99. With an extra 15% off with code WEEKEND15, that’s about $15.29.

The Mindful Notebook - $17.99

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Each Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook comes with 32 specially treated pages for you to write down your tasks. The text sticks to the pages, smudge-free, but can be wiped off with a damp cloth. If you need to save your notes, the companion app sends the page to the cloud service of your choosing.

You can get a two-pack of the Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebooks with two pens for $59.99, down from $78. Score an extra 15% off now with code WEEKEND15 and get it for $51.

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook + Pen Station: 2-Pack - $59.99

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The RockBook is filled with paper made from stone and is reusable for years ― you won’t have the excuse that your notebook is full. This massive bundle includes two different sizes of RockBooks, two erasable pens and two packs of reusable writing boards that work with most scanning apps.

Worth $92, the entire bundle is on sale for just $65. Plus, with an extra 15% off with code WEEKEND15, you’ll only pay $55.25.

RockBook Erasable Notebook Bundle + 6 RockBoards - $65

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Your morning routine can affect your productivity for the rest of the day. This notebook helps you kick things off on the right foot by having you take just three minutes every morning to set some actionable goals. The result? A more productive you.

The Morning Sidekick Journal retails for $34 but is on sale now for $25. You can grab it for just $21.25 with an extra 15% off with code WEEKEND15.

Morning Sidekick Journal - $24.99

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If you can visualize your goals, you have a better chance at achieving them — and that’s exactly what the ZerModus planner helps you do. It’s action-oriented and keeps you focused with daily, weekly and monthly layouts.

The ZerModus Everyday Visionary Planner retails for $36 but is currently on sale for $25. You can get it now for $21.25 using the code WEEKEND15.

ZerModus Everyday Visionary Planner - $24.99

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This journal, developed in collaboration with fitness and health expert Jennifer Cohen, was designed to help you get in shape with no distractions. There are 10 weeks of complete, guided workouts, as well as spots for you to track your performance and progress as you complete them.

The Badass Body Goals Journal is on sale now for $36, down from $50, but you can get it for $30.60 with the extra 15% off with code WEEKEND15.

Badass Body Goals: The Booty Shaping & Resistance Training Journal - $36

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A best-seller on Amazon, the Meditation Sidekick Journal uses scientific research to help you navigate your mindfulness journey. Each page provides tools, inspiration and guidance to track your progress and keep you focused. And as it turns out, a more mindful you is a more productive you.

Usually, $37.77, the Meditation Sidekick Journal was recently marked down to $26. Knock an extra 15% off now with code WEEKEND15 and get it for just $22.10.

Meditation Sidekick Journal - $25.99

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Maintaining a positive mindset is essential to staying focused and productive. This notebook helps you achieve that through 250 colorful pages filled with inspiring quotes, tips, statistics and activities that you can apply to your life.

The Live Happy Notebook is on sale now for $22, down from $30, and you can get it for $18.70 using code WEEKEND15.

Live Happy Notebook - $21.99

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