Dean Koontz Interview: A Heartwarming Ode To Books And Reading (VIDEO)

In a recent video that bestselling author Dean Koontz did with Random House, he discuss the role reading has played in his life.

"As a child, there were no books in my house, and they were considered a waste of time," Koontz notes.

However, this didn't end up stopping him from becoming a big reader. He devoured all of the books in the young adult section by 13, and then moved on to the adult fiction section.

Koontz relates that books changed his life as a kid. He stated that reading "was an escape because our house was not a wonderful place to be in and if there was a lot of shouting or screaming or violence pending or that sort of thing, I would just lock myself away with a book and I could tune out all of that and lose myself in the book."

He also says that books showed him that there were other options for him in life, that not all lives were like his own, and that he could create his own future that differed from his childhood.

We can't think of a better role that reading could possibly play.

Dean Koontz's newest book, Innocence, came out earlier this month.

Check out the full video below.