Dean Norris Wanted To Leave 'Breaking Bad'; Asked If Hank Could Be Killed Off (VIDEO)

The actor visited “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday and addressed the rumor that he wanted to leave “Breaking Bad” after the first eight episodes of Season 5 -- which aired last summer -- for his most recent show, CBS's “Under the Dome.”

Norris confirmed that he asked if his character Hank could die in the first half of the final season of "Breaking Bad," but the idea was quickly shot down.

"I said, 'Would it be interesting if Hank died in the first eight?''" Norris explained. "They said, 'No, we kind of need you for the last eight. We've been building that up the for last five years' ... Obviously, I'm glad that they did."

Because the final season of "Breaking Bad" was split into two, the production schedules ultimately aligned so Norris didn't have to choose "Under the Dome" over "Breaking Bad." So expect to see the build up explode between Hank and Walt (Bryan Cranston) when the final episodes kick off. "There’s going to be a big Walt-Hank showdown,” Norris said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly Radio. “Obviously now that Hank is on to it, he needs to deal with that situation. It’s like a freight train, man.”

The final season of "Breaking Bad" returns Sunday, August 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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