Dean: Obama "Calm...Thoughtful", McCain "Hot-headed...Irascible" (VIDEO)

Dean: Obama "Calm...Thoughtful", McCain "Hot-headed...Irascible" (VIDEO)

Howard Dean gave a strong interview on MSNBC earlier today, hitting John McCain for his involvement in the "Keating 5" savings and loan scandal. He also focused on the Democratic Party's approach to the bailout package, on the differences in temperament between Barack Obama and John McCain, and on the upcoming debate.

Here's some of what Dean had to say:

On Democrats and Obama:

The Democrats are what's protecting the American taxpayers from the likes of John McCain and George Bush. ... What Barack is trying to do is shore up American must be a bill that protects taxpayers and mortgage payers, and does not give huge amounts of money to CEOs pocketing taxpayers' money.

On McCain:

He was involved himself in the last big meltdown we had, the savings and loan scandal, taking money from Charles Keating...The question is do you want the next president to be somebody who got us into this mess and has a long history of being involved in these kinds of scandals on the wrong side, or do you want this next person to be calm, thoughtful and willing to work across partisan lines to get together a package that we can work with?

On the debate:

Senator Obama is probably better at leading us through foreign crises than Senator McCain is, Senator McCain is apt to react to things in sort of a hot-headed way, he's a little irascible. I think you'll see a calmness and thoughtfulness in Senator Obama, and that's the kind of leader we want.

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