Dean Pelton's 'Office Hours': 'Community' Favorite Gets His Own Web Series! (VIDEO)

Fans of "Community" will really get a kick out of these new webisodes from NBC featuring the one and only Dean Pelton of Greendale Community College. Dean Pelton's "Office Hours" feature the Dean in action dealing with the problems of GCC's students and faculty.

If you're a regular watcher of "Community," you know that Dean Pelton is one of the funniest characters outside of the study group, constantly trying to up Greendale's reputation as a great school and always failing miserably.

Watch all three webisodes below to see the Dean handle sexual harassment, suffer embarrassment over a hair piece, and console his independent study assistant after a misunderstanding. And don't forget to catch an all-new episode of "Community" tonight at 8:00 EST when Hillary Duff co-stars.

WATCH: Episode One, "Pamphlet Serious"

WATCH: Episode Two, "Hair Piece"

WATCH: Episode Three, "Independent Study Assistant"