Clippers Player Delivers Slam-Dunk Response To Racist Clippers Owner

Los Angeles Clippers players have already begun responding to the racist rant allegedly delivered by the NBA team's owner, Donald Sterling.

The nearly 10-minute audio clip, published by TMZ, features a man, said to be Sterling, arguing with his girlfriend, presumably V. Stiviano, over her publicly "associating with black people."

At one point, he demands she not "bring [black people] to [Clippers] games."

The Clippers' head coach and the majority of the team's roster are black.

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan posted this not-exactly-subtle Instagram photo on Saturday morning:

Other members of the team have so far been less public with their outrage, but Vincent Bonsignore, a sports columnist for the LA Daily News, has said there's "tremendous anger among the Clippers players."

Sterling's alleged rant was reportedly triggered when Stiviano posted an Instagram photo of herself posing alongside Magic Johnson, who has called the recorded comments "shameful." (Stiviano's photo with Johnson has since been wiped from the website.)

"It's a shame that Donald Sterling feels that way about African-Americans," Johnson told TMZ. "He has a team full of amazing African-American basketball players that are working to bring a championship to Clippers fans. The Clippers also have a strong minority fan base."

Listen to the full audio clip above.