DeAngelo Hall: Redskins Name 'Probably Should' Change (VIDEO)

Redskins Star: Team Name 'Probably Should' Change

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has turned DeAngelo Hall into the voice of reason. The oft-fined cornerback conceded this week that the team "probably should" change its name.

"I think eventually they will change it," Hall responded when asked about the team's name during an appearance on FOX Sports' "Keeping It Real With Mike Hill."

Pressed further by Hill on the name change issue and reminded to "keep it real," Hall conceded that "they probably should but they won't."

Hall's candid remarks about the team's divisive moniker come just days after the Boston Globe endorsed a change. Calls for a change to the NFL team's offensive name and iconography grew louder throughout the season, but Snyder remained resolute in his commitment to it (even if he stopped using the word "NEVER" when the issue was raised).

Despite his apparent belief that Snyder will eventually change the team's name, Hall doesn't expect this to be happening any time soon.

"They won't for a while at least," he added before Hill changed the subject.

(Name Discussion Begins At 5:00)

After making these remarks, Hall might also need to expect to be on a new team next season. The 30-year-old veteran's contract with Washington expires during the offseason and his comments won't likely go over well in Redskins Park.

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