Dear America, Our Time Is Now: Creating The Collective Vision

The world has been at war throughout time. There are safe pockets where war has been suppressed or protected from. We now live in a country that has found itself so divided amongst itself that the walls of imagined protection are falling, and quickly. All people are beginning to experience the dark threat and lack of safety that minority groups within the United States have faced for centuries. Now, that same sense of not being safe is a common occurrence among the privileged population of America. And the fear is palpable.

When people are filled with fear, lose hope or have a sense of feeling their lives hold no value to their country, communities, families and ultimately themselves then in that dangerous space we find the fabric of all that has woven us together, while previously frayed, now unraveled.

There are more well-meaning than those who wish to destroy. But where do we begin as a collective when we find the life we once lived threatened? Do we fall into fear so vast we welcome in hate that manipulates fear falsely promising to restore and protect us? More weapons, excluding specific groups of people and religions based upon the actions of radicals no more associated to those being bullied and persecuted than the average modern day Christian to terrorist attacks committed by white Americans, though rarely are white Americans given that title even in cases deserving. Do we abandon the melting pot vision of unity that while not yet fully realized remains on the radar for the most well meaning of the ambitious dreamers.

We are at a vital time in the history of our country. It is imperative that we all become very clear and purposeful with our understanding of the issues we face and our stance on them. And once we have come to that place of clarity we must now take action, all Americans. No longer can we afford to wait for the other guy to create change. Each of us must take the responsibility we share in being a citizen of this country and world and move into deliberate action.

For some it will be to become more active in their local communities mentoring the next generation. For others it may be on the front lines of social change. And still others monitoring and ensuring our elect government officials are representing and protecting our civil rights.

Those who wish to profit from the lax attitudes and misguided trust of many Americans have done so. Many have blindly trusted those in power for far too long. This includes mega corporations lobbying for control and a political system that has degraded to the point of criminal status, while setting new precedents of disrespect and division toward their own leader and Commander-in-Chief.

It is time we grow-up, go back to basics and remember the lessons we learned as children. The balance of kindness and the simplicity in respect for one another can be a place of resetting and new beginnings. We as a collective have been a part of creating our current situation. This is what we must first accept. How we cast our vote, if we cast our vote, where we spend our dollars are all personal choices that matter significantly. Be it not having taken on more responsibility in managing our own homes, communities, states (and ultimately nation) are directly affected by the smallest of microcosms. Instead of pointing fingers and placing blame let us take responsibility and translate that into a personal action plan for change that has the potential to grow into a movement of the people.

If you believed you could be a part of changing the world, would you? If you felt your voice was important and carried value would you speak-up and out? Today, in this very moment, I am ensuring that your voice is not only validated but needed in the most dire way. Throughout history it has been the voices that joined together creating action that directed the course of our nation. It is your time, it is our time, to redirect the sails of our communities and country. Let us come together with the maturity to listen to others experiences and the humbleness to do whatever necessary to create a world where all are valued, protected and given opportunity to live the American Dream.