Dear America: These Girls Want You to Speak Beautiful

Recently, there has been a surplus of negativity online and elsewhere in media in regards to women and their appearances.

Dove wants to change that.

Dove, in partnership with She Should Run, held a town hall in Las Vegas on Tuesday as part of their campaign to encourage social change on how girls and women are talked about online and in media. The event was attended by young women from the Las Vegas area and featured panelists who advised the girls on how to handle negative comments and remain confident in themselves.

“We as adults can do a lot of things to change the ways girls are feeling about their bodies and body image by speaking beautiful,” says Jess Weiner, who led the discussion surrounding the campaign.

Watch the video above to hear from some young women who attended the town hall about how they think Americans should speak beautiful to women and girls, and join the conversation with Dove on twitter by using the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful.

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