Dear America, We've Been Played

STOP being led by these systems that want to divide us.

Dear America,

Well, we did it didn’t we? We played right into their hands. Today we wake up in an America that is more divided than ever. Brothers and sisters are hating on each other. Relatives are refusing to be in the presence of other relatives. Friends are de-friending friends faster than you can click a frowny-face emoji. But, wake up! There are 318 million of us in this country. Imagine if we united! We would be the most amazing, most powerful force in the world. If we ever banded together, imagine what we could do!

We could create a country that works for everyone. One that provides a true living wage, free education and free healthcare for every single person who lives here. If we joined together and demanded these things and worked to create them, we would be unstoppable. But it will require ALL of us to wake up! We ALL need to stop buying into the narrative that the people-who-are-profiting-off-of-our-suffering are feeding us.

We’ve been blindly following and mindlessly using their tools of division. Their biggest and most effective tool is name calling and labeling. Each of us is so guilty of this. I am guilty of this. But we need to know this only fuels misunderstanding, distrust, and on the darker side — hate. You know the words. You’ve used them; these system-created tools of division: uneducated, liberal elite, poor blacks, minorities, immigrants, working class poor, Hispanics, LGBTQ communities, disenfranchised voters, arrogant left, smug liberals, environmentalists, radical left, radical right. Labels, labels and more labels. We even put ourselves into these camps so that we are perpetually dividing and subdividing. But by doing this we become “other” instead of brother, “suspect” instead of sister. We are ONE group — we are humans. We each have a heart that wants to love. Underneath the fear and blame and anxiety is a heart that is breaking — in each of us. Let’s begin truly speaking to that tender heart in everyone. Let’s understand that each of us are only human, each of us are broken. It’s a scary and uncertain time, but above all else let’s not forget our humanity.

Let’s take a hard look at what needs changing — right now; not tomorrow, not the next day. It’s not the time for wait-and-see. We need to start waking up to the systems we’ve erected that keep us stuck in this illusion of separateness. These systems are deeply rooted and erected with marble and stately pillars and etchings on stone. They seem impenetrable — but it only requires our recognition and our collective rejection of their hold over us for them to start crumbling. These systems include: the antiquated political system, the impoverished educational system, the greedy corporate media, the heartless financial markets, the in-justice systems, the unfair corporate systems. Inside each of these systems we’ve institutionalized all of the isms: racism, sexism, classism, ageism. Each day we’re enslaved by these systems — we’re stuck, because we have collectively agreed that we will abide by their rules.

But …. what if we refused? What if we stood up and DEMANDED justice for ALL?! What if, instead of fighting AGAINST a system, we started fighting FOR our dream? Not just for change, not just for little improvements — we want the whole-dang-burrito! The beautiful dream of a country where everyone-is-taken-care-of. There are 318-freaking million of us! We are more powerful than any corporate-political-financial-media-machine that could ever be erected. We can stop this awful spread of hate and emotional-and-real-poverty that they feed us and use to control us.

Let’s ALL agree to STOP being led by these systems that want to divide us. It’s time for ALL of us to wake up, DAMMIT!

Wake up, sweethearts, the bad dream will be over soon.



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