Dear American White-Jesus Christians - I Owe You and Apology

Dear White-Jesus Christians,

I owe you an apology and not one of those fake, smartass ones, but a legitimate apology.

I believe I may have given the impression that I am trying to change you. So I would like to apologize and to clear up any miscommunications because believe me, changing you is not my agenda and not in my control.

You see I am one of those vocal bleeding heart types and as you know, there is a lot we disagree on.

We pretty much vastly differ on our thoughts and actions regarding issues of basic humanity.

Take the following for example:

I’m not okay with normalizing and blowing off sexual assault; many of you voted for a sexual predator to “lead” our nation.

I am not going to sit back and drink my Starbucks in apathy as we watch the limp lifeless bodies of small refugee children wash up on some beach in turkey; most of you want to ban refugees.

I believe immigrants make this country great; you want those who have lived here peacefully for decades to have their entire life taken away as you throw them into a country they haven’t called home in years and then try to build a dumb wall to keep them out.

I deeply believe that all life is of equal value regardless of nationality; you are all good bombing other countries and writing off the thousands of innocent slaughtered as “collateral damage.”

I believe that Black Lives Matter in every sense of that phrase; you feel that the insane amount of police murders of unarmed poc are justifiable.

I fully support all love of consenting adults; you obsess over the gender of whom other people have sex with even though it literally has nothing to do with you or your life and your obsession is honestly kind of creepy.

I think guns need to be far more difficult to obtain and we need to do something because mass shootings are out of control; you firmly believe that more guns will lead to less violence at some point that we have yet to see in the history of the world.

I believe healthcare is a human right for everyone; you would rather see your tax dollars go to supporting our “leaders’” as they spend millions of your tax dollars on things like a publicity stunt at a football game, than see your tax dollars going to pay for “someone else’s” healthcare.

I mean really, we could both go on for days regarding our different thoughts and beliefs. I mean you probably look at my beliefs and think I'm dumb, illogical and naïve, while I look at yours and think they are heartless and dehumanizing as your system of beliefs leads directly to hurting others.

You know, we’ve both got things we don’t like about each other and we probably are both vocal about the issues we feel strongly about.

Regardless, I need to apologize to you. I know you may feel like I am trying to change you and I can understand why you may think that.

However, please know that truly I am not; I know with complete certainty that I can’t force you to see the value of the lives of others.

You see the truth is, I am not fighting to change you and my goal is not to change your Christianity. I am fighting to change the world and my goal is to stand with the oppressed and love others boldly.

Though I disagree with your egocentrism and self-promoting ways, when I speak out, it’s actually not about you, it’s about the hurting in our world that happens to be largely because of your ways so I can see why you would take my words personally.

Now, my true hope is that those like myself (those peace loving hippies that that don’t believe the US is superior to any other nation or people in the world) find unity in one another’s voice.

Y’all I’ll be real with you, ultimately the goal is a grassroots revolution through those who truly want to let love win.

Don’t get me wrong, I deeply hope you shift your priorities to look more like the ways of your savior or even slightly like his red letter ways, but that is both not my responsibility as well as unfortunately out of my control. My responsibility and what I can control is standing firm in loving others boldly.

So I’m truly sorry for any miscommunications. You guys, really I just want everybody to love everybody and to live in a world where the power of love overcomes the hurt we all see, is that really too much to ask for? My agenda is not to force anyone to change, my agenda is to be the change.

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