Dear Beyoncé - Your Maternity Image is well...

The world is happy for you, Beyoncé, no doubt. And that includes the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. There is no doubt that you are a marketing genius, to have done a throwback-style of Kiddie Kandids, a "nod" to Sears Studios, or hey - maybe even Blue took the photo.

There is also no doubt that you're stunning, talented beyond words, and that there isn't a single person on Earth who wouldn't want to have lunch with you at Popeyes or Ivy. Who doesn't love fried chicken and fifteen minutes of fame?!

When you posted your maternity image, however, the photography forums went up in a blaze of commentary about the style, appeal, and well... pretty much everything from the flower wreath to the shade of green (?) veil on your head.

From our award winning boudoir/maternity photographers in AIBP to a slew of hobbyists and weekend-warriors-alike, there are probably three million people who could assist you in wall-art and Instagram likes. We, at AIBP, could totally get you a list of amazing talent that would like to help you out by offering you another chance at a debut of your growing twins.

From Jennifer Rozenbaum, Susan Eckert - or if you prefer a male, there's award-winning Shawn Black... and our list goes on and on ... we have amazing photogs on six continents.

I'm sure you have your "go-to," preference, but just know, that we got your back, and would be more than happy to help scrub the net and pretend your image never happened.

It's okay - we all make mistakes. Props to you for going with unique... but honestly, I just can't see that portrait hanging in any of your abodes or yachts.

What say you? We're here for ya.