Dear, Boy Scout Leaders: Apology Not Accepted

These kids need people with conviction and principles leading them forward.
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Whoopi. It only took three full days for the executive leadership of the Boy Scouts to issue an apology for the hate-filled rhetoric used by our so-called president. And, boy, is it pitiful.

While they seem to regret Trump’s words leaking out of his mouth, as if they had no idea that could possibly happen ― it’s possible they’ve been too busy helping old ladies cross the street for the past six months to notice who’s in the oval office ― there doesn’t appear to be any mention of condemnation or, at the very least, rejection on the part of the Boy Scouts regarding the appalling speech that was delivered to a gathering of children.

We get the part about you being ‘non-partisan,’ so please stop whining about it. We will also acknowledge it was “Never your intent” to allow that kind of crap to be uttered at your event, provided you agree your decision to avoid rebuking any part of what was said is the equivalent of condoning it, and is at the crux of the issue. As, once again, we come up against the difference between Democrat and Republican and right vs. wrong.

Trump didn’t get up there and talk about his proposed tax cuts, or his health care plan. He flat out encouraged 40,000 kids to boo former President Obama. How does that type of childish, deplorable behavior have anything to do with politics? The freaking president of the United States asks a stadium full of children to join him in insulting his predecessor, and all you can say is, “We apologize for him”? Seriously??

The leader of the free world hits a new level of depravity, goes against everything the Boy Scouts supposedly stand for, is the antithesis of Honorable, not to mention, lays waste to your reputation for God knows how long, and all you can offer is a “Whoops”? That’s like your neighbor apologizing for his Rottweiler eating your flower bed while he’s got your kid in his mouth. Talk about insufficient.

Where is the part saying, “We emphatically disagree with the overwhelmingly negative tone of the president’s statements and find them to be completely inappropriate. This type of rhetoric has no place in front of an audience of children. Or anywhere, for that matter.”

If it’s too much to ask to see a statement calling on the president to apologize to the thousands of parents/children who were forced to witness such a tragic display of immaturity and pettiness by our so-called Commander-in-Chief, what about the litany of membership withdrawals and donation pulls? Doesn’t our so-called president owe you an apology for what is sure to be another major blow to your image/ranks?

How about the fact that the adults present, especially the scout masters, seemed all too eager to join in in the frenzy of obedience? Where does the Boy Scout leadership draw the line? How much hate are you willing to tolerate as an organization before it leaves the “political sphere” and crosses into the “you gotta be kidding” one? Considering your apology makes no mention of any of this, obviously, a madman asking a group of kids to swear loyalty to him and his circus of hate/lies, reminiscent of 1930s Germany, is perfectly acceptable. You just regret that people had to hear it. Not sure who’s more at fault here. Trump, or you.

When the BSA finally releases a statement addressing and amending the above, and puts in writing their refusal to condone this type of inexcusable behavior ― be it the president or anyone else, it will appear they get the message. However, it’s doubtful we’ll ever see anything even close, as it’s now common knowledge, Randall Stephenson, head of the Boy Scouts and CEO of AT&T ― and a pal of Trump ― is seeking approval from the government for his company’s take-over of Time Warner. So, don’t hold your breath for any legitimate apology anytime soon, as it’s completely obvious he’s fine throwing the BSA under the bus if it means his business deal goes through.

It’s time for new, stronger, and less conflicted leadership of the Boy Scouts. These kids need people with conviction and principles leading them forward. Not cowardly sycophants and easily manipulated businessmen.