'Dear Boy Who Likes My Daughter' Is A Great Lesson In Consent

"If someone tells you 'no' in any way and you ask again, it's not cool. It's not attractive. It's not respectful. It's harassment."

That's the message YouTube personality DoeEyes shares in "Dear Boy Who Likes My Daughter."

In the video, directed to a boy who keeps asking her daughter out on dates, she outlines the basic rules of consent and breaks down why it's not okay to keep harassing someone who has told you "no."

DoeEyes also explains that the messages we often receive about how to get what you want don't translate into respectful treatment of other people -- an important lesson for people of all genders.

"You've probably picked up from society messages about how when you want something, you need to try harder," she says. "Go at it. Do whatever you can to get it. Don't give up."

But using that mindset to pursue a romantic interest? Bad idea.

Watch the full video above.



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