Dear Chuck Heston Fans

Dear Chuck Heston fans:

I thought now was the sickest time in our history, It just got sicker.

CHO fired 100 bullets from an automatic weapon he had just bought by mail. He had been a mental patient but the power of the NRA prohibited including that information as part of his only one minute gun clearance allowed by the NRA.

He got one of his brand new guns on the internet ($580 on a credit card) but the power of the NRA prohibited more than a one minute back ground check, so he got his clearance, and his shinny new GUNs.

I cannot believe the discussions that are now going on with the NRA Nutzies

Hey I have another idea that the NRA Wackos will love.

Get rid of these pesky regulations, let's go ahead and arm the kids but don't stop there. Let every man, woman, and CHILD carry concealed weapons. They actually said that if only one kid in that classroom was "packing," that student could have stopped CHO

John Wayne Lives. No LAWS about mandatory training and no restrictions on what guns or how many... and no restrictions on armor piecing amo or what quantity. NO RULES will make the NRA really happy... and PROUD.

THE NRA (with offices in the White House) has always stopped your president (any president ) from any restrictions on their GAWD given RIGHTS... just so they can hunt unarmed birds, deers and "varmints."

Maybe we should arm the teachers and the coaches and the school boards too and perhaps put gun towers in the school yard and armed guards in the hallways... just like in San Quinton. What the hell. It works there... usually.

Remember we did not need to shoot the Korean. He shot himself but he was not the only crazy person out there. With the new NRA plan our well armed children can shoot any more Crazies who show up on the school grounds or in the class rooms or on the street... or even at home... Let them decide.

Not sarcasm, or Hyperbole...

Just an extension of the thinking of your NRA pundits who want no restrictions of any kind on guns or amo.

If we can have one moment of reality remember that it was the NRA's beloved Ronnie Reagan and the Republicans who closed the mental hospitals in 1983 and put all of the crazies out on the streets. I know they will find some way to blame all of this on Nancy Pelosi or the Clintons, or Jane Fonda.

We could use this monumental tragedy to come together and establish some real rules but the NRA has dug in even deeper and will never budge. Any restrictions takes away their constitutional right to form a Militia. Remember... that was with Muskets.

NOW this truly IS the sickest time in our history. It just got sicker. The border guards are still in prison, and this week Bush's friend and the most important lawyer in the world said UNDER OATH "I can't remember" 74 times.

How bad could the Dems possibly be? GAWD bless.

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