Dear Congress - Please Pass "THE NUCLEAR SANITY ACT" Before January 20

Inspired by the news about a potential looming nuclear arms race, I got on the phone and had an hour long conversation with a sitting United States Congressperson, searching for ways to provide some checks and balances in potential nuclear scenarios.

We came up with this draft of a bill that we believe could do just that.

If you agree that a bill like this could make America and the world safer, please send it to your Congressperson and United States Senators immediately and ask them, as their constituent, to consider Sponsoring or Co-Sponsoring this immediately.

If you or your representatives have any questions or would like to know the identity of the Sponsor and current Co-Sponsors, please indicate so in the Comments, below and someone will get back to you.


Except in cases of a nuclear or other form of massive physical attack on the territory of The United States by a confirmed foreign national military or when it is impossible, after exhausting every available option, to establish communications with The Secretary of Defense or The Secretary of State, The President shall obtain the written approval of said Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State prior to the deployment of nuclear weapons and The United States Military shall disregard any and all orders in violation of this Act.

The term "territory of The United States" means the 50 States, The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and territory of The United States, whether or not incorporated or organized.

Any violation or attempted violation of this act shall be deemed to be a "high crime or misdemeanor" under the United States Constitution.