Dear Daughter, Here's What Really Matters In Kindergarten

Don’t worry about what other kids think of you. You are enough!

Dear Daughter,

As kindergarten starts, I want to remind you of a few things:

1. Be kind, not mean.

Kindness will allow you to see the hearts of those around you.

2. Don’t follow your friends (at least not all the time).

Lead by example, do the right thing. Learn what’s right and wrong. If you see that a boy or a girl that is being made fun of, be the one that protects them. If you see that a classmate is not listening to the teacher, help them listen.

3. Embrace the differences in those around you!

Know that all of us want to be loved and accepted. If you see a child who needs help, ask them how you can help, don’t make fun of or laugh at them.

4. If you see a child sitting by themselves, sit with them.

Ask them questions, get to know them and become their friend.

5. Respect your teacher.

Teachers are very important to your growth and development. Many teach out of love and passion, so be supportive. They are just as important as mom and dad. Take the spark they give you and ignite your heart!

6. Be yourself.

You are kind, confident, beautiful, silly, funny and smart beyond your years. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Be you. Kids will either love you or hate you. Have a core group of friends. Don’t worry about what other kids think of you ― you are enough!

7. Never stop learning or asking questions.

Reading and writing will allow you to explore the world around you and beyond. You are still learning to do all these things, so seek new experiences.

8. Know that you will make mistakes, and that’s OK.

Don’t cry when you mess up. Do your best to fix the problem, and move on. Keep trying your best and you’ll eventually get it.

9. Know we are on this journey together!

I love you, now go rock kindergarten!



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