Dear Dems: The Sooner You Get Out Of Shock, The Sooner We Can Get Moving

Supporters of U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton react at her election night rally in Manhattan, New York,
Supporters of U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton react at her election night rally in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 8, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

I know that my liberal friends who remain hopeful are not going to want to hear this, but being popular isn't my goal. I prefer the truth.

Instead of spending millions of dollars recounting ballots that aren't going to make any difference, perhaps we can put that money into Planned Parenthood once their funding is cut -- because it will be -- immediately. How about we to try to keep them open with that money, and if they close them anyway...we can use that money for bus tickets and hotel rooms for women who need to cross state lines for safe medical care.

How about we get smart, guys, and start preparing for the new world we will be living in? We lost this election by not being in touch with reality -- let's try to focus now on what is real and what is not. Planned Parenthood will need our money now more than ever...not Jill Stein.

I don't see legislation fights being won so easily either. Who are we going to take our fight to? Our soon to be majority Conservative Supreme Court? Republican House? Republican Senate? Good luck. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but have a peek at the new cabinet being chosen. Then rethink your strategy.

We should focus on organizing to help Blue States stay very strong, and help people at a grassroots level. Most of what we will need to do to create change or at the very least -- stop the bleeding will all be at a hand to hand, neighbor to neighbor, state to state level. Let's focus on putting some tough fresh new progressive faces in Congress in two years. Members of Congress who approach things in a new way.

The Democratic party we have always relied on, doesn't work anymore. We need a new approach, new people, and new ideas. The old must go. Establishment and career politicians and politicos got us here, it is time for them to go home.

We will need the money we are using for things like ballot recounts and whining, for REAL things. Like bus tickets, relocating families, helping women supplement for sick days and childcare when they have to go to another state for a day or two to have an abortion, and hands on help. Neighbor to neighbor. Woman to woman.

The sooner we get out of shock, the sooner we can start moving forward. Let's start using our minds for forward thinking solutions. Things are about to get rough...and real.

Going to the Million Women March? Awesome. Sounds fun. Great selfies. Very empowering. Won't accomplish anything. Please consider your Acela ticket fare and hotel accommodation money to give as a donation to Planned Parenthood if you want to help women. That won't be as much fun, but will actually make a difference. Doing Tree Pose on the Washington Mall, will not.

We have many battles ahead in many different areas that matter. Planned Parenthood and women's reproductive rights will be the first to go. Ohio just showed us that today.

Mark my words: it will get much worse.

Please focus on reality, and get ready to start helping each other, because I do not see a ton of hope at a national legislative level right now. It is on us, to help each other out and get through this to the other side.

There is hope. There is light. All is not lost, and we WILL get through this... but we need to wake up, stop complaining, and take a hard look at reality first. Then get creative with out of the box solutions, that will actually empower us -- and work.

Time to fight. Time to get very tough. All together now. We need each other.

Wake up; it's time for work.