Dear Divided States of America and the World; Why?

Dear Divided States of America and the World; Why?
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<p>Children of the World Dream of Peace ~ Denver International Airport</p>

Children of the World Dream of Peace ~ Denver International Airport

Artist: Leo Tanguma

Dear America and the world, where have we gone, where have we been and where are we going?

So many across this imperfect blue green marble are preoccupied with money, fame, survival, control, hate and mastering time.

Countless inhabitants underneath our collective blue umbrella amass fortunes, hoarding it without attempting to share their knowledge and lift others up.

Droves of humanity exist without even really living, teaching, or understanding the existence of our short time on this rock.

How is it that fear, lack of knowledge, and the need to control now seem to reign supreme?

How is it that our collective media saturates us with negativity across every medium without regard to how it effects the global masses?

How is it that many religions now divide rather than protect those who have the greatest need?

How can we continue to fight each other over disputes that could be a day or century old, without realizing we are solving nothing?

How can governments not learn to be less divided, when history has taught us so much about the path we must not take?

How is it that posturing never leads us to resolution, yet we continue to do just that?

We have divided ourselves and yet continue to conquer nothing.

The definition of insanity is said to be, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We see this continual approach across our lives, continents, nations and collective histories, and yet still haven’t figured out how to correct our approach and path over a longer span of time.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pauper or king, old or young; our job across our global race is just to live, learn, grow and teach.

So many are lost in their existence, compounding life traumas and self-destruction that it has become the norm. A norm to care, but not really care, to pay it forward, while mentally walking backwards, to live without living, see without seeing, to learn with a closed mind and embrace hatred inward while reflecting equality outwards.

How have we come to a place where we let ourselves and others decide our reality when they don’t look at the whole picture and utilize critical thinking to continually ask why?

“Why am I feeling this, why are they acting this way, why do I believe this is the best choice, why do I cling to my beliefs without a global perspective or even when my beliefs lead me and have lead others astray?”

We sit upon a great precipice, teetering on an edge that could lead to extinction or ascension and we have been here for a long time. Wasting away as the pages of time turn and we write another self-prophesizing page, creating our own destruction to humanity.

We are collectively called HUMANITY and we together, every single one of us, make up the HUMAN RACE. No single person on this earth doesn’t fall under this collective label, whether monster, martyr or member.

We all should question this one simple thing:

“If we all can come together, setting aside our differences in moments of catastrophic occurrences, then why can’t we continue this behavior as we walk through and write the pages of our singular and collective histories? “

We let ourselves be ruled by one central theme: love, greed, hate, vanity, fame, fear, fortune, gluttony, and so many more.

If this is what defines us, our lives and existence, then why aren’t we continually blissfully happy, at peace and without care or worry?

Freedom of voice, always begins with freedom of thought. It is the one thing no one can take away from us, unless we let the tendrils of other’s views seep in first.

The initial step to the solution always begins with you, open your mind to the whole perspective, no stone left unturned, no perspective left unseen.

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