Dear Donald Trump Supporters

Dear Donald Trump Supporters,

I want to come to you from a straightforward and honest place. I have been struggling for some time to wrap my head around this. Why do you think Donald Trump would be a good president? And what the heck are you thinking?!

I hope we can both agree it's integral that the president of our fine country should have strong leadership skills, handle stressful situations with finesse, the ability to resolve conflict in a mature manner, have the nation's best interest in mind and most importantly, be trustworthy. Do you really see that in Trump?

I apologize if I seem a little crass but from what I've gathered about his supporters, they either:

1. have bad judgment of character;
2. are racists;
3. realize he is a douchebag but aren't fazed by having a narcissistic, fear mongering president because they would rather pay less taxes and don't want to close the gap on income inequality.

Am I missing anything?

The media has documented years of Trump being a bully, extremely condescending and disrespectful to both women and men, fail in a number of business ventures, and exhibit a complete disregard towards minorities on top of being a compulsive liar and cheater.

Do you believe Trump cares about making America great again? Purely based on his actions, he's only interested in furthering his own interests. Actions speak louder than words, remember? From the immature manner he handles conflicts to the way he treats "losers" like dirt combined with his manipulative and aggressive fear tactics makes him such a loose cannon. I'm so baffled anyone would support a candidate like him. How will he handle our foreign affairs when he doesn't get his way? Throw a tantrum, make funny faces and call them names? I hope you can understand where I'm coming from.

If you think Trump is all about serving America's best interest by improving the middle class, think about how he would treat you or someone you know and love in a situation where he could 100% benefit from screwing them over. Can you really trust someone like that to be our president?

These are serious questions, please help me understand.

Best Regards,
Someone who cares about the future of America