Dear Fairy

In a park down by the Lake Ontario, in my neighborhood of Toronto affectionately named the Beach, is an old oak tree. I have walked by this tree many, many times as I've made my way from the boardwalk to the cafes and stores of Queen Street. Somewhere back in time some whimsical soul put a wooden door, complete with hinges, in the base of this tree. There is a small space behind the door. Children are fascinated by this door. They stop to look, then open it to peer inside. These children and their parents leave offerings: Lego toys, a miniature dragon, a square of grass turf, a tiny ladder, pebbles and sticks and just-picked dandelions, whatever their fancy chooses.

Today I stopped, as I often do, to see what the offerings were. There was a box of notepaper on the ground. On its side someone had written an invitation to leave the tree fairy a note. There were dozens of these notes folded and left on the ground in front of the little door. How delightful! I thought as I stooped to see what had been written. Here is what I found.

We're saying you are the best, Fairy and we love you.
To Fairy: My name is Molly. What is your name? Do you really live here?
Jenny is the best! Emily
XOXO - Normal Person
Hi. I just got fired! Can you help me find a job?
One day I hope to see you, and I want a trampoline and a pool, okay?
Dear Fairy, This is the most wonderful thing ever!
What is your name? I wish to get a toy.
Hello. My name is Alora. Have a nice day.
I wish for everyone to find a fairy.
I wish for my soccer team at school to win the tournament.
I wish you could come and play with me so I would take care of you and you can be my friend. From Mia to Fairy.
You are loved. - Jillian, Loni, Bryt
Dear Fairy, Shakira from Ugana wishes you an awesome summer. XOX
Go straight and then turn right. - The Guy
Fairies, thank you for keeping dreams alive.
Hi Little Fairy. I'm here with my Auntie Mae who used to live here. She turns 85 on Tuesday. Well wishes. - Stacy and Mae
I love you fairy much.
That I always remember everything from this - Your Shannon
To Fairy: My name is Molly. I promise to be nice to my sister.
Dear Fairy: Do you like your home? Don't move because so many kids love you and I do too.
Hi Fairy: Are you real? Your home is cute! Sorry about your crowded house.
Dear Fairy: You still owe me $500. - Godfather Fairy
I would like to get my wish that I could get a billion more wishes and you become my fairy.
Give me all my tooth fairy money early.
Thinking happy thoughts for our Jackie/Mum. Get well soon.
Wish I had a pet Chihuahua! - Love, Brooklyn
Come to our house to make a fairy door. - Luka
We would like to have a golden retriever puppy. - Nathan and Sam
I made a wish that all your dreams can come true. - Don
Fairy, come into my soul. - 666
Dear Fairy: That was my boyfriend. He's silly. Ignore him.

These notes made me happy. Some were wishes, some were just plain fun, others prayer; all were wonderful to read. To me, they expressed a wish for something more. I certainly have no idea whether fairies are mythical or part of something unseen to regular folk. I know people who say they have seen fairies. Who knows? For me, it's certainly a comforting thought.

I believe that the most important thing we are here to learn is love. All our decisions would have a better outcome if love were our driving force. My belief in love has led me to gather fifty uplifting and inspiring stories about its many aspects that people have shared with me. These stories are in a book called "Heartbeats, True Stories of Love". It is available as a paperback and e book on Amazon and Smashwords.

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