Dear GOP Senate Saboteurs, Obama Derangement Syndrome Is Not a Strategy

In this photo taken April 22, 2014, Republican Congressman Tom Cotton speaks at a candidate forum in North Little Rock, Ark.
In this photo taken April 22, 2014, Republican Congressman Tom Cotton speaks at a candidate forum in North Little Rock, Ark. Cotton is challenging Democrat U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor in the November election. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

Dear Senate Saboteurs: there you go again. Just when I think Obama Derangement Syndrome could not get any higher, your conduct against the 44th President of the United States stoops even lower. Your latest stunt -- the direct letter to Iran stating incorrectly that any multi-lateral agreement would not be honored by a future president -- is as Vice President Joe Biden said, beneath the dignity of the Senate. It's also an electoral loser.

I know you've wanted to oppose this president from the start, Republican Senate Saboteurs. Some of your supporters wrote to me in 2006 wanting to impeach then-Senator Barack Obama over his alleged Kenyan birth. Others of your supporters have insisted that I am a "traitor" for supporting the president. You 47 Republicans Senate Saboteurs did nothing to stop the birthers -- indeed you thrived on them -- and made othering Obama the price of admission into the Republican Party. Name one Republican among the 47 of you who hasn't either attacked President Barack Obama's American birth or supported a Republican who did. I'll wait.

All of you have appeared on FOX News, where Democrats' patriotism is routinely questioned -- indeed Bill O'Reilly called me "un-American" for questioning when your party would drop its hopelessly hypocritical opposition to marriage equality. You probably think you speak for the 89 percent of Republicans in that Huffington Post/YouGov poll who did not agree that "President Obama loves America." But take it from someone who's been there: ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) won't work out any better for Republicans in 2016 than ABB (Anyone But Bush) did for Democrats in 2004. Voters still expect you to stand for something not just against whatever the president of the opposing party is doing. Obama Derangement Syndrome is not a strategy: derailing the president's multi-lateral path to peace in 2015 will not pave the Republican path to 1600 Pennsylvania in 2016.

A final thought: now that you have deliberately undercut the president on foreign policy by your Constitutionally incorrect letter to Iran, it would be tempting to call you what your partisans have called Democrats for years -- but I won't. I believe it is wrong to stoop to your level and call you the traitors that your supporters have called my president, my mother, and me. As I tell my kindergartener all the time, we cannot let others' bad behavior lower our own good standards. Moreover, I will not give any of you the satisfaction of becoming "victims" when you most assuredly are not. You are not victims -- you are Saboteurs who are letting your personal sentiments about the president get in your way -- and in America's way. You Republican Senate Saboteurs want to derail the Iran talks and leave us exactly where we were before: with sanctions in place but Iran on a path to a nuclear weapon. A wiser course would be to demonstrate that you love America more than you hate the president, by working together for a multilateral effort to stop Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon and to advance peace in the Middle East. Signed, an American patriot.