Dear Hillary, You Can Do Far Better

Dear Hillary,

You are frustrating the life out of me. Here you are, facing the most bogus candidate in American history, and you are in danger of losing.

And it is your fault. Every day, Donald Trump is front page news and you are on page 26. The election is coming down to for or against the Donald. You are a player with one note: he's insane; I'm sane.

You can do far better. First, stop calling Trump a liar, cheater, reckless, etc. We know all that. More important, you have surrogate attack dogs who are doing that for you - Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren, even Obama. You are wasting your breath.

Second, make us like you. Don't be so fucking smiley upbeat at your rallies as if you are loved. Perhaps you are by the crowd in front of you, but not by the country. Play down fighting for you and play down your experience. We all know your experience. An alarming lot of us, however, do not know you or respect you.

Ay, there's the problem. What should you do about it? First, tell us why you want to be president. Honestly, well, as honest as you can. Admit the ego but don't let it dominate. Let patriotism dominate and a desire to make the country and the world better. Include more than a dollop of humility. Don't end rallies with wild waves and smiles responding to cheers. Onward, upward, fighting for you! Ugh!

Tell us what kind of a president you aspire to be. How would you address inequality; what is our place in the world? What would you like to accomplish? Be serious. This is not the Super Bowl.

Tell the whole story of your emails in detail, including any possible danger to our country. Make it so comprehensive that no new questions can be asked.

Let us feel your intelligence, your warmth, your honesty, your compassion, your sincerity, your humility. If any of these qualities is missing in your armor, acquire it.

Then bow your head in prayer and let the people decide. You will have given them a choice between two contenders, two parties.

PLEASE, Hillary, let us choose you - not by default - but because of who you are and what you stand for.