Dear Hillary Clinton: We Will Have Our Day

Thank you for paving the way for us.

Dear Hillary,

I am incredibly sorry that we, as a collective positive force, let you down yesterday. Looking back, I fear that we underestimated how powerful the mixture of fear, contempt and a lack of acceptance of others is when mixed together resulting in self-destructive cocktail. Yesterday’s election was none other than a vile act of protest against the progress we’ve made towards unifying our nation under the principles of freedom, love and equality – an attempt to dismantle our progressive democracy, to build walls of segregation among a collectively diverse nation, to silence women back to a pre-suffrage era of submissive tolerance, to default on the promissory note of equality for African Americans, immigrants, woman and our entire LGBT community.

Hillary, I am deeply sorry that we, as a nation, allowed you became a hate object that had to endure all of the slander that was thrown at you because of your decades of civil servitude. We stood tall and chanted “when they go low, we go high,” when instead we could have encouraged you to take off your gloves and punch below the belt for the win.

Hillary, I am sorry that you had to stand in front of America, and the world today, and concede to a man that is vastly less qualified, for the job of running one of the greatest nations in the world, than you are.

Hillary, I will forever be sorry that you had to pick up the pieces, of the countless glass ceilings you have broken over the years, and drag them off stage with you today only to see them be pieced back together in the name of democracy.

Above all. I thank you. I thank you for paving the way for us to, eventually, have our day.

We will have our day. Because of beautiful, strong, resilient women like you. A day where a strong woman is not viewed as a threat to men, but instead just as a human of equal beauty, intellect, strength, and potential as anyone else.

We will have our day. A day where equality reigns as a universal truth instead of a philosophical concept that needs to be recognized and implemented by law.

We will have our day. A day of dreams becoming reality because of forces of nature like yourself, who staked pillars of progress into the ground for other women to lean into.

We will have our day because we are the U.S.A, a land whose foundation has been built by our collective ancestor’s centuries of relentless hard work, compassion, idealism, creativity, blood, sweat, and tears, in the name of freedom.

A foundation built by ingredients that, collectively, are too strong to be dismantled by one Trump card.

Hillary, I thank you for being a pillar of strength, for fighting a 46-year uphill battle, for sacrificing your personal life to one of civil service. It was an absolute honor to vote for you. A day I, and the popular majority of the U.S., will never forget. You will always be our first Madam President.

I pledge to you and the United States of America, that we will not lay down on our strong foundation and protest this catastrophe in silence. Instead we will pledge the following:

· I pledge to protect the values and the foundation of this beautiful, free, diverse nation.

· I pledge to be mindful, to stand up for my beliefs, and to be true to who I am.

· I pledge to stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves.

· I pledge to treat all humans equally; with kindness, respect, love and dignity.

· I pledge to have the open conversation when faced with injustices.

· I pledge to have the open conversation when treated with disrespect.

· I pledge to have the open conversation when I observe acts of prejudice, sexism, and inequality.

· I pledge to work with my neighbors to help provide the youths of my community violence free schools and homes.

· I pledge to work relentlessly to provide myself, and my colleagues, tools to help recognize and break glass ceilings when they arise.

· I pledge to never give up on the American dream because I am honored, and blessed, to be an American.


Stella Mowen



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