Jersey, My Jersey

Jersey, my Jersey, today I prayed
To ride the carousel at the Palace arcade.
To walk on your hot, splintery boardwalk
Hear the charter boats roar and the seagulls talk.
Watch the throaty planes sputter by
Drag their banners across a clear blue sky.
And see a little boy's tiny hand
Drag his finger through your bronzed wet sand
And write his name, as so many do
The secret's that the writer's you
Etched your name on his big little heart
Of which you'll always be a part
The Boss sings as the sky turns dark
Of your amusement park rising bold and stark
Jersey, I want you to rise bold and stark
Like before Sandy broke your big little heart

To Moonachie and Little Ferry
To Hoboken and Atlantic City
Point Pleasant and Mantoloking
Parkway south and keep on going
Jersey, remember who you are
A locomotive, not a car
A steel chewing, nail spitting
Stomping, chomping, train rail lifting
Fire breathing hunka metal
They should come give you a medal
For holding up your chin with grace
They think you're down? How about a race?

Your sons and daughters sing one tune
We'll meet you down the shore real soon
Jersey, be tough, as only you do
Jersey, my Jersey, I love you.