Dear John: It's Now Time to Endorse Hillary

An Open Letter to Senator John Edwards
from Will Bower

Dear Senator Edwards,

I am not writing to you that I might sing the praises of one candidate or condemn the actions of another. You already know the faults and merits of Senator Clinton and Senator Obama more intimately than most of us ever will.

I am not writing to you in outrage over the now-(in)famous preachings of the the now-(in)famous Reverend Wright. You by now have heard these sermons for yourself and have come to your own conclusions.

I am writing to you because Barack Obama -- for all his many strengths and merits -- is no longer an electable candidate in his 2008-bid for the White House.

To win the White House, a candidate must win Ohio in November. To win Ohio in November, a candidate must win Ohio's independent voters. The events of this past week have lost Barack Obama those very voters, and irrevocably.

If you want your party to win the White House in 2008 -- and if you want it to do so as peaceably as possible -- you now must endorse Senator Clinton.

Yes, Senator McCain probably will win with the male Independents of Ohio. Senator Clinton, however, has a good chance of winning over the women there; and with the women, the state.

I could have written to Al Gore about this matter, but his resentment towards the Clintons is all but too well-known. I could have written to Howard Dean, but he's busy enough as it is with the crises in Florida and Michigan. I could have written to Nancy Pelosi, but she has already abused her power as a potential broker in this situation in such a way as to make her voice illegitimate. I could have written to Jimmy Carter, but he would not have the same impact on this race as could you.

That leaves only you, Senator Edwards.

I am not writing to you to tell you how your endorsement of Senator Clinton may or may not help you in your own causes. You already have an idea as to this as well.

I am not writing to tell you that Senator Obama still will have a bright future waiting for him; whether it be in the halls of the Senate, or in the State House of Illinois, or perhaps -- one day, in the years to come -- in the White House itself. You already know of the many great things Senator Obama can still do for our nation.

I am writing to you to shine a light on the fact that you now are the last, best hope of giving an endorsement which will actually make a helpful difference to your party; especially with your party being in the predicament in which it now finds itself.

Now is the time, Senator Edwards, for you to endorse Senator Clinton for President of the United States in 2008.

Thank you,

Will Bower