Dear Kelly Clarkson, Thanks for Standing Up for Girls Like Me

Dear Kelly,

I've read you've been getting a lot of crap because of your weight. I know how awful it feels to be judged simply because you are not a size 4. But you are 100 percent right with your response when you say, "Screw 'em!"

When people think that your size is bigger than your talent, screw 'em. When people talk about your clothes instead of your songs, screw 'em. When people tweet negative crap about you instead of sharing your awesome, screw 'em.

Share your joy! Share your amazing music. Share your talent, your beautiful daughter and your spirit. Share your ability to show those bullies that the only thing their comments are dragging down is themselves.

I have a lot of experience in being bullied because of my weight. I let them get into my head, and it really messed me up, nearly to the point of no return. But like you, I finally realized that I am so much more than a size. I realized my size didn't make me less than worthy, and the gifts I had to offer to the world. Just by being me, I was enough. And not one of them had a thing to do with my size, except for the size of my heart. Like you, I wrote about these things that nearly broke me, and how it made me stronger. I wrote my song, "Brave" to show that you can get past that place where it seems like nothing will be ok. I sing it to all those who might need some courage, and tell them to how to Be Brave. Just like you tell others that you are invincible.

Now I am a warrior, a shooting star
Know I got this far, had a broken heart
No one hears the silent tears collecting
Cause it's being weak, but strong in the truth I found
I have courage now, gonna shout it out
Teacher, I feel the dots connecting

I love these lyrics because you are so right -- being weak, but strong in truth is a hard but important lesson. Kelly, you have so much talent, love and happiness in your life, and you are sharing that, instead of the negativity of others. You are an inspiration.

Keep singing loud and clear your message about strength, hope and love. You're saying, "Screw 'em" is validation to every girl in the world that who they are is more important than what size they wear!

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