Dear Matt Damon,

Just like everybody else, I recently became aware that you had made some statements to The Guardian, which suggested that gay actors should remain in the closet to avoid a negative impact on their careers. I believe you reference Rupert Everett and also mentioned that actors should stay private, period.

There are several things you have said that I'd like to go over with you because your ignorance is quite astounding to me. Then again, a straight, Caucasian male in Hollywood isn't expected to have any idea about what it's like to be discriminated against. So I'll try and help you out.

Firstly, and luckily, straight actors have the privilege of being "private" to a degree, but their sexuality is never private.

For example everyone knows that Jennifer Aniston is straight, but nobody knew about her wedding recently until after it was over. She has a level of privacy that keeps her sane but there is no questioning her sexuality whatsoever. She is known to be straight.

An actor's sexuality is NEVER private. A straight actor can be as private as they want but their sexuality is the one thing that will never be kept under wraps. If an actor doesn't "come out" as gay, they are automatically thought of as straight. So there in itself is my point that your sexuality is on display whether you come out as gay or not.

Can you name one actor out there who we know nothing about? One actor where you have literally no idea whatsoever who they go to lunch with or dine out with?

In an age that we are in, where social media is the dynamic force that drives news, there is nowhere an actor can go without the possibility of being spotted.

I'd love to know how you would feel to have to avoid taking your wife to dinner, a movie or even to tell her to stay at home while you go to your latest movie premiere to showcase your latest work.

The thing that bugged me about your comments Matt, which was then followed up by just a re-iteration of them on The Ellen Show, is your view that actors should have some "mystery" and "privacy" and the less people know about an actor the better.

If you really believed that, why exactly are there thousands of pictures of you and your wife all over the Internet? Or is that ok because you're straight?

Straight actors don't need to come out because it's a given that they are with people of the opposite gender. It's a given that they couldn't possibly be with anyone BUT someone of the opposite gender. So regardless of HOW a coming out is done, "coming out" is inevitable.

I'm all for personal lives. But there isn't an actor in the world that is exempt from their public life being part of their job. They might not discuss their relationships, they might not comment on it, but they don't hide it. That's the difference. Straight actors and actresses don't need to hide away from a lunch with their loved one. They needn't attend their film premieres and show their work off proudly by themselves and keep their significant other hidden at home.

When an actor wins an award, whom do they thank? They thank their agents, managers, families and significant other.

A closeted gay actor doesn't have that privilege. That's not privacy, Matt. That's lying.

So my opinion to you would be to stop talking unless you know what you're actually talking about.

Perhaps instead of a world where actors need to keep quiet about who they love, we could start a movement where people just accept that everyone is different and that's ok. Conforming to the idea that the only way to succeed in acting is to suppress your sexuality is, quite frankly, just stupid.