Dear Media, What's Wrong With You?

Dear People in the Media,

I don't normally write letters but felt that this issue deserved a strongly-worded note to you guys, so here goes.

WHY hasn't ANYONE brought attention to the fact that Presidential Candidate and Major Blowhard Donald J. Trump screwed the people of Atlantic City? Why isn't this being brought to light? While his bankruptcies HAVE been discussed in the media, not one of you seems to think it's a big enough deal to bring to the forefront. I think that's a damned disgrace. He. Ruined. Lives.

Seriously, four business bankruptcies. And whose lives were affected by those bankruptcies? Certainly not his. He came through without a penny out of pocket. But the little guy, the electrician, the plumber, the builder, the concrete worker. So many others who were promised payment for building his empire in Atlantic City, and so many were left with mounting bills, unpaid employees and possibly personal bankruptcies of their own because he failed to pay his own bills. I don't know the statistics, but I do know that hundreds and possibly thousands who helped build Trump's hotel/casinos were not paid for the job they did and if they WERE paid, it was not the full amount.

How many lost their jobs, their businesses or even their homes because Trump did not pay his bills? Does he care about the little guy? No. He cares about his own pocket, his own bank account.


Waiters, waitresses, casino workers, housekeeping, facilities, security, cooks, cashiers. So many people left jobless when his businesses suffered cuts due to declining revenue. It just completely blows my mind that this isn't being seen as an issue worth discussing.

THE MAN WANTS TO RUN OUR COUNTRY. If elected, he's going to run it right into the ground. We will be the laughing stock of the planet. He'll call smaller countries "pussies" like he did when mocking Ted Cruz. And before you get your knickers in a fucking knot, I know he didn't say it, he repeated it, but did he have to? No he totally did not. But he doesn't care what comes out of his mouth. He believes his own hype but he doesn't have a plan to back up the hype.

How is he going to "Make America Great Again"? He doesn't know. He's just going to. So there.

Have faith, trust him.

Sorry, but no can do. I personally know that he screwed over a shit ton of people in a town where I used to live and work. I've seen what his business plan has done to the city of Atlantic City. He decimated that town and that's what he'll do to our country if, God forbid, he's elected.

In conclusion, I just want to see this issue brought up as more than just a passing question in a debate or an interview. I want headlines about it, I want to see every major news outlet interviewing the folks who were left in his path of destruction in Atlantic City. I want to see him held accountable for what he did to a city that had great promise. A city now in ruins. I don't want to see our country in ruins if he's elected.

So please, get your heads out of your asses and put the spotlight on this.


This post originally appeared on SnarkfestBlog